Message from the Chair

Welcome to the U15, Canada’s group of research universities.

Our organization works as a collective to advance university research, because university research is a key driver of the social, intellectual and economic innovations that will maintain a thriving society and best position Canada to lead on the world stage.

The U15 works collaboratively to ensure the best conditions for world-class university research in Canada. We do so by contributing to public policy debates, advocating for new or enhanced research programs and building partnerships with the public and private sectors and international researchers and research institutes.

The federal government has done much to support university research. From a funding perspective, The Canada First Research Excellence Fund (CFREF) is an ambitious program that supports leading-edge research and helps institutions become global research leaders. The Post-Secondary Institutions Strategic Investment Fund provides federal funding for university infrastructure linked to research and innovation. 

The federal government has also signalled its commitment to rigorous university research with its recent Review of Federal Support for Fundamental Science, which will work to ensure that federal support for research is strategic and effective. The Government of Canada has also recently launched the Innovation Agenda, maintaining that innovation is central to improving the lives of Canada. The U15 know that universities and university research are foundational to the innovation that will drive our country forward.

But we also understand that the global research landscape is changing and becoming increasingly inter-connected. The U15 is a member of the Global Network of national research-intensive university groups, working with international counterparts to advance global research and improve the global research environment.

Our U15 institutions play an important role in advancing Canadian society. We train our talented, innovative and adaptable workforce; we lead critical research studies, undertaking risky, long-term research with game-changing potential; we mobilize and leverage knowledge through partnerships with the public and private sector, with industry and with other research leaders; and we strengthen our culture of innovation.

I invite you to take a moment to learn about our member institutions and our history and to learn more about Canada’s premier university research advocacy group. The U15 seeks to advance Canada’s interests by advancing research excellence in Canada and internationally. We welcome your support, feedback and partnership.

Guy Breton

Rector, Université de Montréal

U15 Chair